Year 10's 10/10 Camp

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Year 10 headed to the beautiful beachside location of Alexandra Headland on the Sunshine Coast in Week 6, for a three-day stay at Alexandra Park Conference Centre. This year’s camp was especially exciting for the cohort, who had missed their camp experience in Year 9 due to COVID. The warm autumn weather provided perfect conditions for their outdoor adventures. Students were split into gender groups for the daytime activities where they enjoyed sand and sea sports, team-building trials, adrenalin-inducing activities, and ‘Survivor-themed’ challenges, competing in their Houses and ‘Tribes’ for the coveted camp trophy. Congratulations to NEWTON who won the trophy! Well done to Tyndale on a close second place and Finney for finishing third. The cohort came together at night-time for chapels and worship. This was one of the highlights of the camp as it gave them all the chance to connect with God. Thank you to every staff member who attended camp – your extraordinary efforts and energy throughout the Year 10 camp made it such a memorable experience for all involved!

Student Highlights

"Archery and team building challenges were my favourite because they were fun and helped build stronger relationships with my friends."
"Devotions and the survivor activities were great on camp. Devotions were amazing because God was really moving and everyone respected each other and didn't distract one another."
"Survivor was my favourite. It was really fun getting into the House spirit, bonding with different people and having everyone participate."
"Bodyboarding was the best... I enjoyed being in the surf with my mates and watching others step out of their comfort zones."
"My favourite session was Chapel. On the last night all the girls were so vulnerable and for a moment it didn’t matter what little group we were in because we were all united as one. Thanks Tessa for sharing the theme about ‘purpose’!"