Year 10s Learn Important Road Safety Education


Year 10 students were given the opportunity to attend the award-winning RYDA Road Safety Education workshop on Tuesday 22 November. The RYDA workshop is designed for 16-17 year old’s as they begin to drive or ride in cars driven by their peers; providing them with the tools, habits and motivation to take action and stay safe on our roads. In small groups, students worked with facilitators to develop and practise personalised strategies and life skills which will help them to make positive choices, both as drivers and highly influential passengers.

""Senior students attended a road safety course about being a passenger and safe driver. It was interesting hearing from a survivor of a motorbike accident, leaving him paraplegic. The slogan they left us with was ‘my life, my choices’, giving us advice when travelling as a learner and provisional driver.”"
"“The Year 10’s attended the RYDA driver safety course and it was very informative. It explained and taught a variety of different safety techniques when on and off the road. We were also shown through different functions that a car has and what a safe car looks like. Some safety advice that I learnt from the day is that a car moving at 60kmh moves 17m in 1 second which is quite a lot. So to protect yourself you stay 2 seconds of distance away from the car in front. The course also taught us about being safe around other road users.” "
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