Year 11 Academic Luncheon


On Friday 5 May, a celebration lunch was held to recognise the outstanding academic achievement of a select group of Year 11 students. Joined by some of our Heads of Department, students enjoyed a pizza lunch provided by the high school teaching & learning team. The lunch was an invitation-only event for students who had demonstrated an outstanding approach towards their studies in Unit 1, both in terms of their academic results and their attitude to learning. 

When asked about the lunch and any tips she would give to other students striving for academic success, Year 11 student Janine Park said:

 “The academic lunch on Friday was a truly rewarding experience. Being recognised for the hard work I put into my studies has given me a sense of motivation to continue striving for excellence. Some tips I would give to other students about finding success academically would be to prioritise consistency over intensity and to create a study plan. Having a study schedule definitely made it easier for me to manage my time throughout the term, allowing me a flexible preparation for my exams and completing assignments.”

We look forward to witnessing further excellent results from our first graduating cohort, as they continue their senior studies over the next eighteen months.

Mitchell Tattersall
Deputy Head of Secondary - Teaching & Learning (Pimpama)