Year 11 Camp 2020 Gets 10/10

Reedy Creek

Last week, from March 9 - 11, Year 11 students had the privilege to go on a survivor-themed camp at Lake Ainsworth in Lennox Head, New South Wales. The location was a beautiful spot right on the beach, and set the scene for many of the gruelling survivor challenges. As well as activities like stand up paddle boarding, raft building, and archery (my personal favourite), a large emphasis was placed on House challenges. House against House, the challenges involved tiring team-building activities, from war cries and puzzles, to four-way tug of war and flags. After a cold first day, Newton was on top and leading the way by nearly 100 points. But as day two progressed and brought with it warmer weather, Finney took the lead and won the VIP Dinner, promised to the House leading at the end of day two. After a very close last day, Finney followed through to win the Ruth Van Workhoven camp trophy, with an honourable mention going out to Rayleigh for their close second place.

Although the activities were amazing, my highlight of the camp was definitely the devotions. The first night was a split-gender devotion, and I heard the boys had a fun time, but the Girls Night was amazing and really brought a sense of community to the girls of our grade. We heard testimonies from the female teachers; they gave us advice, and they opened up about tough times they had been through. All in all, it was inspirational. The second night of devotions exceeded expectations, as the Holy Spirit was changing the atmosphere. Impact Youth Band joined us for a beautiful time of worship, and Danny shared a word of the ‘Power in Pain’. An amazing 27 people let God in that night and it was such a great moment to witness. To feel unity in our grade was amazing, but to feel God moving among our hearts was even better.

Year 11 Camp 2020: 10/10 - highly recommended!

By Ailsa Hartley, Year 11 student