Year 11's Lakeside Escape


Our Year 11s also returned from their camp on Wednesday, 10 March, after spending three days on the picturesque shores of Lake Ainsworth, at the Recreation Centre in Lennox Head. The boys and girls headed in different directions for their camps and bonded with their peers through ‘Survivor-style' team challenges and other sea and sand-based activities, and during the time devoted to connecting with God and eachother. 

"Our Year 11 Camp at Lake Ainsworth was one of the most fun camps to date, with exciting activities, engaging devotions and plenty of funny moments. This camp’s theme was Courage and many of the games we played reflected that sentiment as we all worked together towards an end goal. A particularly memorable game was where each House had to get all team members to transfer water from the lake, using just pipes, and reach the final blindfolded team member who filled the bucket on the beach. It was great to see everyone working together to transfer the water and then helping direct the blindfolded person towards their House’s bucket. There were other camp activities such as Raft Building, Archery and Kayaking, but my favourite was Stand Up Paddle boarding. The devotions at night were just as engaging, especially Chaplain Danny’s message on the last night of camp. Danny talked about 'The Soundtrack of your Life' where he shared some of his life experiences and all the ups and downs. His raw message was straight from the heart and it rocked every single person in the room. "
"I think the Year 11 girls would agree that the memories we all made on camp are unforgettable. From the bright and early starts, to the late night excitement, we all enjoyed the chance to make new connections. Each day was filled with different activities and near-perfect weather. My favourite activity was definitely the mega SUPs! The nights were packed with powerful devotions and fired hearts for God. The times of prayer for one another and words of encouragement brought our cohort together. Every moment of the trip was full of laughter, especially the House Survivor challenges which were also filled with competitiveness and House spirit. Everyone got involved and gave it their best, as we worked together, making all the Survivor challenges so much fun. We were blessed to spend time at camp with fantastic teachers and a beautiful group of girls. All of us returned back from camp with big smiles, new friendships, and amazing memories. "
"The close-knit style of our Year 11 camp meant that we could really connect with members of our House and our peers. As soon as we arrived, with the scent of nature everywhere, we were taken to the cafeteria for a light talk about the purpose and rules of camp. Then we enjoyed free reign to explore our surroundings before then venturing off for our first activity. For me, it was archery. Our group spent an hour shooting arrows at teddy-bear versions of Minnie Mouse and Woody, then headed onto the beach for the first round of Survivor. Then, with the smartest members of our group wearing long pants and jackets, it promptly started to pour. We carried on the activity for a while but when the rain began to fall like glass, we decided to end the challenge and returned to our cabin; where we all promptly showered and prepared for dinner. We headed over to the auditorium to hear the teachers give their devotional stories, and Chaplain Danny's on the second night was particularly memorable and encouraged so many to give their lives to Jesus. Listening to the teachers talk about their lives and stories was a real morale booster and left us with some funny inside jokes to tell in years to come. "