Year 12 Camp 2021

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On Wednesday, February 10, our Year 12 cohort embarked on our last ever school camp, to the beautiful campgrounds of QCCC Mount Tamborine. With the camp theme Lead with Influence firmly in our minds, we were encouraged to focus on the King’s Foundational Values of humility, wisdom, perseverance and respect.

During the first night, we experienced an exciting taste of our formal to come, with the Garbage Bag Formal. As we focussed on the Value of ‘respect,’ the boys and girls separated to make each other gifts and discuss how we could show respect during the night. Everyone’s nerves were running high, as the males were given the shoe of a female who they would later eat with and dance with. On night two we had a Thrift Shop Night, where we dressed up as elderly people, boogied on the dance floor, and played two exhilarating rounds of Bingo for the chance to win some lucky prizes such as chips, lollies or even a toothbrush.

The rivalry between the four Houses was fierce. With our sights set on winning a place on the honourary Noel Collins’ trophy, students shed sweat and tears as we gave our all to every challenge including Egg and Spoon Races, timed obstacle courses and so much more. Feeling defeated after a tough first day, the Finney House “underdogs” came up with a dance routine that changed the game. With a fantastic rendition of “We’re All In This Together” from High School Musical, Finney put on a show that displayed unity and innocent fun. Congratulations Finney House, who were crowned our 2021 Noel Collins’ champions! 

The Holy Spirit was so tangible throughout the entire camp. After hearing powerful messages from Ps Isaiah, Mr Ravell and Ps Guy at Devotions each night, many students were moved to tears, with some even dedicating or re-dedicating their lives to the Lord. It was truly beautiful to see the Chaplains and Chapel Captains anointing each student with oil, and students coming together to pray for each other in a time of openness and vulnerability. Faith seeds were planted on both nights. 

The 2021 Year 12 camp was truly one to remember. Memories were made that we will all cherish and reflect on as we remember our time at King’s. We all learned so many things about ourselves and each other that have allowed us to grow so much closer as a cohort, as we collectively lead our school with humility, wisdom, perseverance and respect. 

Liam Dallinger and Isla Gainfort
Year 12 Prefects