High School Leadership Ceremony

Reedy Creek

The Prefect and Captain Induction Service was one of the first events in the senior school calendar. The assembly was an opportunity to acknowledge and pray over the new Captains and Prefects and the Grade 12 cohort of 2020. Our Executive Principal, Mr Rees Davis, imparted his wisdom and vision to the Grade 12s. He discussed how we must build our brand - the things which make up our identity - of which our character is the most important part. In order to change a bad habit, he explained, a good habit must take its place. The Captain speech which Shimla and I presented seemed to extend on Mr Rees Davis' thoughts. We focused on how each individual plays a key part in fulfilling our vision as a college; our culture is an aggregate effort. The commonality in both presentations: change starts with ourselves.
The service was an incredibly inspiring time. We, as a grade, are thoroughly looking forward to the year ahead. We can't wait to see the impact we can make by striving to achieve our own God-given visions.

- Reuben Drummond, College Captain

Year 9 and 12 Prefects and Captains were presented with their badges by their church pastor. We acknowledge the significant impact that pastors and faith communities have on our students and are grateful for this partnership.

At King's we believe that every student can be a leader in his or her chosen field and be a person of influence in this generation. True traits of leadership are not derived from position; rather they are demonstrated by a person's character, beliefs and values and the application of skills and knowledge. Every Year 12 student were presented with a leadership badge to demonstrate the responsibility they carry as seniors serving the King's community.

With the class of 2020 about to embark on their final school camp, Mr Davis challenged every Year 12 leader to prioritise the growth of personal character, especially when noone is watching.

Take a risk - befriend someone who is not in the popular circle, go on a mission trip.
Meet someone who is influential - someone you know is making a difference who you can learn from
Travel someplace different - new cultures and perspectives open your eyes and stretch your thinking
Chase a meaningful goal - something that makes a difference to other people
Wait and work for something you want - studies show the most reliable measure for future individual success is learning this principle
Practice a new habit - replace the old with good new habits