Year 12 Legal Students Visit Supreme Court Library


'Our Year 12 Legal Studies class recently had the opportunity to visit the Brisbane Supreme Court Library. We were given a tour of how both primary and secondary sources are stored in the library, including journals written by legal experts and State and Federal legislation. It was very interesting to see firsthand how barristers use the Library to source information for their important cases. 

One of the Supreme Court Librarians also gave our class a private seminar on how to use the Supreme Court Library Database, where you can research virtually any legal topic or issue and find thousands of relevant resources. This was extremely helpful and set our class up for success in our IA2 Inquiry Reports which are about issues and problems within the Queensland and/or Australian legal system. This helpful excursion ensured we had the resources we needed for our assignment, and it also provided a fun experience to delve further into key legal issues experienced in society.' 
By Reese Spence
Year 12 Legal Studies Student