Year 12s Enjoy Their Return to Classrooms

Reedy Creek

Year 12 students returned to King's last week for their first in-class tutorial day and a taste of 'normality,' with Year 11s joining them this week as part of the Queensland government's staggered return to school schedule. There has been a real sense of excitement around the High School precinct as students reconnect with their friends in person, after nearly a month off campus due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Our Year 12 students commented on their first day back

  • I enjoyed seeing friends again and I appreciated the Maccas that we all enjoyed for lunch. Thanks Mr Davis. - James
  • The first day back was really great, it was awesome to catch up with my friends and teachers again... - Max
  • I enjoyed being amongst everyone again and being able to communicate with teachers and friends directly in person. - Callem
  • It was such a fun day! I really enjoyed learning alongside my peers and teachers again... - Tiarna
  • It was great to be able to see all my friends again, and the assurance and support we got from all of our teachers was awesome! - Maria
  • It was very refreshing, the reactions people had to seeing their friends after this period could be compared to when one's family member returns from war. - Allan
  • It was the Year 12's first day back on Monday and it was really good to see everyone again! - Shimila
  • It was inspiring to see all my peers just as happy to see other people as I was, it was also nice to be able to thank our teachers for all their hard work that they are doing. - Cooper
  • It was so refreshing being back at school learning from my teachers and it reminded me how blessed we are to be able to learn with our peers! - Holly
  • It was really helpful to be able to talk through some things with my teachers in person, and having Maccas was a fun surprise for the first day! - Meg
  • It was so great to see everyone and to know that I was on track with my learning. - Shanae

We were very happy to welcome our seniors back on campus and learning in class again, and look forward to seeing our Years 2 - 10 students on Monday, 25 May!