Year 2's Historic Excursion


This term, our Year 2 students ventured to Mudgeeraba Historical Village for an exciting excursion. The Village provided the perfect setting place to learn more about historical ways of life, complementing their Term 4 Geography and History unit about how technology has changed over time. The students explored the six main buildings around the Village, including:

  • The Big Shed - Full of historical tools, saws, axes, old mowers, as well as a general store, butchery, and a replica tent that showed how early Mudgeeraba settlers lived.
  • Franklin House - An original 1956 family home built for John and Merna Franklin with locally milled timber. The Franklin House tour guide was taught to sew by Merna Franklin who was a school teacher. 
  • The Original Nerang Railway Station - A fantastic old building that also houses a small replica classroom. The children were shown old readers and school photos of students from Mudgeeraba in the 1930s. Students experienced waiting for a 'train' on the old wooden bench, as well as receiving tickets from the Ticket Master.
  • Replica Slab Hut - This hut showed how hard it was to live back in the days when Mudgeeraba was being built. The hut has a dirt floor and no running water or electricity. Students were introduced to a yoke for collecting and carrying water and a meat safe for storing food. 
  • Okey House – This is an original 1930s farm house built with timbers from the old Hampshire Terrace Hotel. Okey House contains vintage china, bedrooms, a wardrobe display of clothing and an old kitchen. 
  • The original Tallebudgera Police Station Goal Building - Some students were quite hesitant to enter the jailroom but once they ventured inside they were amazed by what they saw.