Year 2 Waterbug Wonders Incursion


Anticipation and excitement ran high in Year 2 last week when students participated in the 2020 Waterbug Wonders incursion. This was held as a part of our learning about living things in Biology.

The children took part in role-plays of how various life cycles occur exploring both complete and incomplete metamorphosis. Further highlights of the event were becoming little scientists which involved gentle extraction of minibeasts from creek water so they could examine and identify them under a magnifying glass. There were nymphs of dragonflies, mayflies and damselflies to name a few. The caddis-fly larva was difficult to identify, and the freshwater shrimps were a favourite to catch. The children were also able to examine other types of minibeasts under microscopes. After our scientific research was finished, the children discussed how pollution occurs in our waterways and the importance of keeping them clean. They learnt some ways to do this is to pick up rubbish so that it doesn’t wash into drains and creeks. They also learnt that making sure car engines are well maintained prevents oil from washing into our waterways.

The children experienced a valuable lesson and had a wonderful time.

Mrs Judith Ali

Year 2 Teacher