Year 2s Problem Solve to Measure Mass


This week, the Year 2 classes took part in an investigation on Measuring Mass during mathematics using a real-life situation. 

The Scenario
The school principal is planning to buy some new shelving for your classroom. Before she goes to the hardware shop, she needs to be sure that the shelves she chooses will be strong enough to hold your classroom equipment. She has asked your class to measure the mass of some of your classroom items. Unfortunately, your classroom measuring equipment has been lost! As a result, you will have to find another way to measure the mass of these objects.

Students worked in groups to choose informal units of measure, find five appropriate objects that could be put on a shelf and record these. They then estimated the mass of each object using informal units and used an equal arm balance to measure and then record the mass. Students used this information to order and compare their five items. It was wonderful to see the students working together to solve the problems, and having fun as they did so.