Year 3 Enjoy Action-Packed Activity Day

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Year 3 students enjoyed an action-packed activity day on campus, in lieu of their school camp this year. There were many special highlights, and class 3RG reflected on their adventurous day:

"Laser Skirmish was enjoyed by everyone during our Year 3 Activity Day. We worked as a team and explored tactics and strategies, tested different modes, moved together to distract the opposition, and positioned ourselves behind the various obstacles for protection and camouflage. The treasure hunt challenged our knowledge of Space as we hunted for clues in order to locate the answers to many interesting and thought-provoking questions. We discovered many new facts and we also drew on our knowledge from the Earth, Moon and Sun research that we had undertaken during the term. We launched ourselves into Space and landed on 'the Moon' (more commonly known as the jumping pillow). Here we tested the forces of gravity as we bounced around the surface and safely manoeuvred around other “astronauts“ as they soared through the air. The forces of friction and motion were examined as we participated in rocket science and built our own rocket ships out of recycled materials. Many distance records were broken as we investigated how the launch angle and water pressure combined to soar our rockets through the air. All in all it was an exciting day for Year 3!"