Year 3 Instrumental Music Program

Reedy Creek

Year 3 students have completed one semester of their 12 month Instrumental Music program. At this half-way mark, Year 3 parents were invited to join the students for their last ensemble rehearsal for the year. Parents were able to see first hand the ensemble in operation under the professional guidance of our team of instrumental teachers. After only one semester of tuition, the students have come a long way on their individual instruments. It was insightful for our students to perform for their first audience and for our parents to experience how all the practising at home sounds 'in context' with other instruments.

Students participate in one of three ensembles: Strings, Woodwind, or Brass and Percussion.

Congratulations Year 3 on the tremendous progress you’ve made in such a short period of time.

- Mr Lindsay Genge, Instrumental Music Coordinator