Year 3 Multicultural Day 2021


A sea of colour washed over our Year 3 classrooms on the last Tuesday of Term 2, as our students dressed up to represent a variety of countries from around the world as a part of their Integrated Studies unit entitled Celebrating Culture and Community. Our much-loved annual Multicultural Day was a culmination of the cohort's Term 2 studies, and throughout the day, students were immersed in a range of exciting activities from making Chinese lanterns, masks and origami, to enjoying a range of multicultural dances. 

As part of the unit, students investigated a variety of indigenous cultures from around the world including Maori, Maasai, Inuit, Ainu and Amazonian cultures. They used their research skills to discover facts and to reflect on how these cultures are similar and different to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. The students also created a digital project about their chosen culture, which they presented to their classmates. As part of this unit, students also considered how King’s Kids can show God’s love by respecting and supporting other cultures throughout His incredible world.