Celebrating Cultural Diversity


Multicultural Day 2020

During Term 2, Year 3 explored Cultural Diversity and Celebrations and Commemorations Around the World. Students worked in teams to research a chosen culture and they created and presented digital displays of their findings. They also worked collaboratively to research diversity in neighbouring countries, comparing the differences between those countries and Australia.
Multicultural Day

As a fun way to conclude this unit of study, students eagerly celebrated by dressing up in a cultural costume and participating in various multicultural activities on Wednesday 17 June. These included mask designs, a cultural music study, making a Chinese lantern and Kahoot games on the iPads; an engaging way to test their knowledge of our Term 2 Integrated Studies unit. The students enjoyed a picnic lunch outside with their class, enjoying their choice of multicultural dish brought in from home

Year 3 learned a traditional dance for the Multicultural Day, each class choosing one from a different country. The students finished this exciting day with their enthusiastic cultural dance performances. Each performance was recorded, and the videos shared to the Year 3 Learning page on Compass for parents’ enjoyment.

Traditional dances performed by each class were:

3H - African Tribal Dance
3D - Mexican Hat Dance
3B - Hawaiian Hula and War Dance
3S - New Zealand Kapa Haka Dance

This certainly was a memorable day shared by all!