Year 3's First King's Camp


On Friday of Week 7, our Year 3 students enjoyed their very first school camp experience. Wheeling trollies full of tents, mattresses, sleeping bags and camping gear from the car park, our incredible Year 3 parents helped turn our sports fields into a colourful campsite for an evening of fun with friends. The students' introduction to school camps at King's saw them learn many new skills in a little over 24 hours. They enjoyed pitching their tents with their parent, played scavenger hunt games, ate Subway for dinner, and danced to a lively Chapel service before winding down for the night with a movie in the church. The sound of snoring could be heard across the oval, as our Year 3 community spent the night in their tents under the stars. It was wonderful to see the students build greater bonds with their peers and have the chance to experience the first of many amazing King's camps.