Year 3s Wild Excursion


The Year 3 classes were excited to visit David Fleay Wildlife Park on Monday, as part of their Living and Non-Living Science unit. As they dodged the rain, students explored a variety of Australian native animals in their natural habitats, including wallabies, dingoes, cassowaries, emus and many fascinating species of birds. They enjoyed visiting the nocturnal enclosure, home to the Platypus, Bilby, a variety of snakes, the Spinifex Hopping Mouse and many more intriguing creatures!

The Year 3s were given an informative presentation from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service Rangers, where they asked thoughtful questions and listened intently. Students had the chance to get up close to some cuddly wildlife at the Koala educational talk. They were introduced to a rescued possum at the Nalu Theatre and meeting Casper, the Barn Owl, was a definite favourite for many! Some students even spotted the resident Estuarine Crocodiles, Queen and Smiley, who belong to a species renowned for being the largest of all living reptiles. Another highlight was the Flight Show, where the large birds of prey amazed the audience with their spectacular wingspans as well as their speed and accuracy at snatching food whilst in mid-air. The Year 3s were even entertained by a dancing Brolga! This wonderful day out was definitely an engaging and memorable experience for all students.

A big thank you to the amazing parent volunteers who accompanied us on our excursion. These special outings would not be possible without your generous support!