Year 5 Camp - A Highlight of 2020


Year 5 spent three glorious days at CYC Burleigh for their camp.

By day they were found building rafts, stand-up paddle boarding and dragon boating. By night they were found playing games, worshipping God and spending time with each other during devotions.

Giant paddle boarding at the Year 5 Camp

Here are some stories:

"At camp I was in group 2. Our instructor came up with funny nicknames for my friends and teacher to help remember our names! There was a funny group call! I got to make some new friends but there were also A LOT of late nights! One of my favourite activities was the stand up paddle boarding because we got to go to the other side and put the GIANT paddle board together and jump off it, and then we played the last person standing on the paddle board … win! My favourite meal was probably lunch on the last day which was sausages! It was really fun to do devotions at night (past bedtime). By the end of camp I was really tired but I had made a bunch of new friends and got over my fear of sharks (mostly)."
- Milla Schob

"At camp my favourite activity was dragon boating. I liked it because we had to paddle to a small island. The small island had clay on it and we got to sculpt some things. We then put some on our faces. The funniest thing about this is that some people put dirt on their faces instead of clay. Then we wandered around the island and we found a drop off. We were jumping off it and paddling back and splashing each other.

At night after dinner we had chapel. We played some games then we did worship and praise. Then Noah preached about perseverance. Perseverance helped us a lot in our activities."
- Bailey White

Year 5 Camp Fun
The Year 5s had great fun at their camp in 2020

"At camp I loved the stand up paddle boarding, we had a lot of fun using teamwork to paddle to the other side chanting: “PADDLE!” I loved that when we got to the other side of the creek we played games like King of the Castle. I even got tackled by Mr D! We also had other activities like: dragon boating, on land games, raft building and free swim! The activities helped us communicate with teammates and build our teamwork skills. At camp chapel we were learning about perseverance and persevering through challenges through God and I loved that the girls from group 3 aka “the little huddiez” persevered when their raft kept on breaking and they made it to the other side of the creek. The camp leaders did serve some very good food and free time was also very fun playing basketball. At night not many people got sleep from everyone talking because we were all full of energy. Lastly I saw a lot of kids at camp chapel getting touched by God in a spiritual way and that’s my favourite part of camp."
- Zeth Gainfort

"At camp I had the most fun in stand up paddle boarding because all of the girls had beat the boys three times in a row! But by the end of it the boys were behind, so all of us were cheering for them. Because of camp, I got to know my friends more. Before we left for camp I was afraid of water because sharks and sea creatures that try to kill you are definitely not the best, but by the time we came back I loved water. Thanks to our group 4 instructor, Dan! Another activity at camp was dragon boating. While we were doing it some of the girls and I were singing and we had to paddle together which took a lot of teamwork, yet we still nailed it because luckily we had Jasmine. Without her we wouldn’t have made it there or back."
- Bonnie Cameron Dow-Otto