Year 5 Science Fair

Year 5 students have been busy planning and conducting science experiments to help the community. Throughout Term 3, they completed and displayed their findings in preparation for the Year 5 Science Fair held on Wednesday. From discovering the best batteries on the market, to preventing onions from making us cry, the creative students all took a unique approach to their projects. Congratulations on all your hard work and intriguing discoveries!

An enthusiastic trio from 5RP shared some of their science project insights:

Ashton Dablar, Callum Molenda and Cooper Whitaker decided to see if they could make sweetcorn grow faster. Their concept was to test some natural and readily-available fertilisers such as crushed up leaves, banana peels, coffee grinds, the leaves of weeds, and a combination of all four, to see if any expedited the growth of sweetcorn. Callum’s favourite part of the project was planting the seeds, while Cooper liked the fact that this could help the community. Their biggest challenges were the length of time it took to source all their materials, working out how much water to give the plants, and being patient as they waited for the plants to grow. They discovered that the leaves of weeds were actually the most beneficial in helping their sweetcorn grow, proving that weeds are not such a pest after all!

Science Fair Trio