Students Journey To Infinity and Beyond

Reedy Creek

During Term 1, Year 5 students were enrolled in the King’s Space Academy. The ‘cadets’ proved to be resilient throughout a number of physical challenges and evidenced their researching skills to complete a ‘degree’ in Space Science. Students were able to master in a variety of specialist areas which were matched to their multiple intelligence. Some cadets measured their weight on different planets in the ‘Master of Aeronautical Engineering,’ while others redesigned space shuttles of the future in the ‘Master of Creative Industries.’ Communication, Agency and the use of technology were the key skills that students reflected upon and used to support their training and evaluation period.

As we were not able to hold a formal Graduation Ceremony, teachers were honoured to host a Digital Graduation with their class. Parents were emailed a live link and Graduation Certificate on Monday, 30 March, showcasing each student's work. We are so proud of all of our Year 5 Space Cadets and their culminating assessment that has led them to graduate from the Space Academy and readied them for formal mission training.

Amber Papenfus
Year 5 Lead Teacher