Year 6 Building Community

Reedy Creek

‘How can we build community as servant leaders?”

This is the driving question that Year 6 students investigated over the past 5 weeks as part of our Servanthood Project. Our primary vision, at King's, is to 'raise up Christian Leaders for tomorrow's generation.' The purpose of this project was to establish a strong culture of leadership amongst the student body. Along their learning journey students explored their love languages, multiple intelligence learning styles as well as their strengths and passions. Students collaborated with team members to analyse the Foundational Values, with an emphasis on what makes a strong leader at King’s Christian College. Going even deeper, students used their personal values and skills to compare and contrast biblical leaders such as Moses, Noah, Joshua and Daniel, in order to identify the character traits of highly effective leaders.

All the learning, research, analysis and exploration finally led to their end product: which was to design and deliver an impactful devotion to a buddy class in the Primary school. After planning, refining and rehearsing, students were ready to enter into the Culminating Event.

During Week 5 and 6, each group from Year 6 visited their buddy class, presenting their learning to an authentic audience. Nerves quickly settled as students led their assigned class on an exploration of leadership, using multimodal presentations such as video, song, quizzes and Bible stories.

During break time our Year 6 students are peacekeeping in the playground. Tying shoelaces, connecting friends and making the playground a fun place.

We are so proud of all the Year 6 students for modelling servant leadership to the younger generations at King’s. Their passion and courage truly set them apart as Christian leaders for future generations.

- Mr Jordan Peters, Year 6 Lead Teacher