Year 6 Camp


Year 6 camp was an amazing experience. Although we weren’t able to experience the great things we planned, we had lots of fun. God blessed us with delicious food and treats, comfortable cabins and a safe area to camp.

During the activities, we learned an appreciation of nature’s beauty, respect for wilderness, each other’s strengths and conquered our fears. We learned how to be independent, have a sense of direction and how to be a self-directed learner. Not only did we grow by conquering our fears, we grew as leaders and returned home with a new sense of self-esteem and independence.

Throughout the entire camp God’s strength and courage engulfed us and we were able to accomplish so many feats that we would never have imagined we could do.

Camp was not only a heap of fun but also a time to encourage others when they were feeling down. It was incredible to see just how much a bit of courage from others can help you see through an accomplishment.

By far our most favourite part of camp was the devotions, we simply loved seeing others’ lives being changed in the course of a few hours.

It was the most perfect way to see out our final term in Primary!

Janice Park and Zach Rankin
2020 King's Pimpama Primary Captains