Year 6 Excursion to Parliament House in Brisbane


On our Year 6 excursion at the end of Term 2, we took a trip to Southbank, Brisbane to go to the QLD Parliament House. Starting the day, we took a long walk next to the Brisbane River. On our walk, we looked at Street Beach and the big gardens and flowers. We took a break to eat a snack and play on the playground next to Street Beach. After that, we started heading to the Queensland Parliament House. We passed the Wheel Of Brisbane and the big Brisbane sign. Mrs Sanson decided that we should take a photo of us climbing over all of the letters. It was so much fun trying to get into the letters and also getting out. It took a while to get to the Parliament House but, eventually, we got there. 

Michael Crandon MP, State Member for Coomera, was standing out the front of Parliament House waiting for us to arrive.  He welcomed us and we all had a photo with him. Then a lovely lady called Jenny took us on a tour. We walked through a security mechanism to make sure that we weren’t bringing anything illegal into Parliament. Jenny took us into a room where she showed us all of the positions of parliament. She told us what a mace was and what to do, and what not to do while looking at everything. 

Then, we walked through the Parliament House and met a few more people such as Michael Healy. We continued to the legislative chamber to do a fun role play. There were multiple parts with a script. It was really fun and felt like we were in a real political debate.  We went up to view a real debate in the hope to watch it, but it had finished just before we got there. However, we did find out that someone has to watch the mace while no one is in the room. We completed our tour and left the Queensland Parliament House. 

To end the excursion we took another quick walk to the botanical gardens to eat lunch. We played games with each other and we had loads of fun before returning to school by bus. 

Being at Parliament was really fun and we learned a lot about politics. 

By Lacie Barnes and Charliee Owens