Year 6 Leadership


The Year 6 teachers and students are in the process of setting up the Year 6 Peacekeeping Program for 2020. Students are currently providing input into how they would like it to run.

Students are currently taking turns to go out on the playground and assess what we may need to include in the 2020 Peacekeeping Program. They can be identified as they will be wearing a yellow ‘Peacekeeper’ sash. In weeks 3 and 4 of our Project, we will focus on finalising the Program for 2020 to support the development of community across our school.

In addition to Peacekeeping, we will also be running our Buddy Class Program again this year. Our Year 6 students will be allocated in groups of two or three to a class from Prep to Year 5. They will attend morning devotions with their buddy class on a Friday morning as well as lead devotions twice a term. What an awesome opportunity for our students to step out and encourage and support others in our school community.

Our first PBL Project is dedicated to Servant Leadership and equipping students as the leaders of our school. This supports the school’s mission of ‘Educating Christian Leaders for Future Generations’. We are encouraging students to explore their strengths, interests and passions and how they can serve as leaders within their individual areas of strength.