Year 6 Project Develops Leaders


Year 6 students commenced their first Integrated Studies Project for the year and are exploring Servant Leadership. The aim of the project is to equip and set students up as leaders of our Primary School for 2021. 

The Driving Question for the project is 'How can we build community as servant leaders?' To begin answering this question and start with building community in their own year level, they held an 'All About Me' Expo as our entry event. 

Students each brought in five items that represented themselves and their strengths, interests and passions. The students had so much fun and enjoyed getting to know each other better and getting to know the new students and staff members. The cohort has such a variety of interests, from talented musicians, artists and sportspersons to wakeboarding, hair styling and Mrs Sanson's collection of fun erasers! 

Mrs Rachel Blatch
Year 6 Lead Teacher