Year 6 Students Discover Cairns

"On Monday, 8 November 2021, we all arrived at school at 6:45 am. It didn’t actually feel that early as we said goodbye to our parents and hopped on the bus. Destination Brisbane Airport. It was a two and a half hour flight to Cairns. I was on bus Red and the first activity we did was visit the Cairns Aquarium. That was great. After this excursion, we went to our accommodation which had three pools! That night we had devotions, the theme was Into the Deep, and Chappy Dylan preached. My favourite day was when we went to the Great Barrier Reef and we went snorkelling. Once I put my head in the water, I was blown away. A highlight was our trip on a glass-bottom boat and we saw a turtle. I had a great experience in Cairns."
"On the third day in Cairns, we went on an aqueduct army boat. We watched a special aboriginal dance and we even got to go on stage to dance with them. We then went to a butterfly sanctuary and saw many beautiful butterflies. On the last day of our Cairns trip, we went to a croc farm and saw people feeding crocs from the boat we were on. We then went to a high ropes course in a wildlife dome. This was a great high ropes experience and we got to zip line over a big crocodile. After that, we went straight to the Airport and got to buy food for the plane trip home. I had a great time in Cairns."