Year 6 Students Develop Business Aptitude


'How can young entrepreneurs identify a need and solve a problem by starting a business?’

This has been the 'problem statement' guiding our second project in Year 6. For the entry event, students had the opportunity to test a range of products and consider what problem the product solved, its target market and associated costs. Students then had fun experimenting with the scientific process of product development. Each class made several versions of a product and discussed how and why each was different. The cohort also looked at the changes to materials at each stage of manufacture. 

Each Year 6 class has also enjoyed playing Business Monopoly, created especially for our students by the very talented Mrs Sanson, to support the development of financial literacy. An informative visit from the Commonwealth Bank also provided further support to our students in this area. 

The opportunity to engage with an authentic audience in the form of a parent panel was an extremely valuable learning experience. Four parents who own a business generously gave up their time to come and talk to our students about their business and answer a diverse range of questions from their eager audience.

Students are currently working on creating a business plan of their own and they will present their ideas to a Shark Tank Panel, with results to be published in the next edition of the College Newsletter.