Year 6 Befriends Juniors through Peacekeeping


At King’s Christian College, Peacekeeping is part of Year 6. Peacekeeping is also being a friend to one another. We lead diligently by helping and building connections with younger students. We love to help out little kids and teachers during break time. We help to make new friends and assist on the playground.

As part of our leadership development, at King’s we also do buddy classes. Each group of students are given a different class in the school to ‘adopt’ as a buddy class. We present devotions in this class, about one of the King’s Foundational Values or a bible character. This program helps us to build new friendships with students in prep and all the way to Year 6. This is also one of the ways that King’s students lead diligently during class times.

We love serving our King’s community and look forward to strong connections with all the staff and students this year.

Janice Park 6PS