Year 6 Students Get a Taste for High School


Year 6 students from King's Pimpama campus got a feel for High School last week with the internal High School Orientation Day.  Due to COVID restrictions this year, only the King's students were permitted to attend.

The day commenced with chapel and current Year 8 students sharing high school experiences with the cohort.  King's Pimpama's High School Coordinator, Mrs Pepeita Hamilton, discussed the various aspects of High School such as the House Competition and Principal's Cup, the culture of the school, the new high school building and how it would be different to Primary School.  There were excited cheers from many of the students who are looking forward to their high school journey in the new building.

Miss Soper chatted to the students about the sports program while Performance teacher, Miss Bruneau, had students performing a retell of a fairytale in a minute to get students working collaboratively and thinking about subject choices available in High School.  At the end of the day, the students performed their plays in front of their classmates.

The day also included a hands-on tutorial on padlocks and locker codes.

learning how to set a padlock

Our current Year 6 students are looking forward to sharing their newfound knowledge with all the new students who commence in the New Year.