Year 6's Unforgettable Graduation


King's Year 6 students swapped their Primary School uniforms for evening attire on Thursday, as they came together in the King's Table forecourt for their graduation celebrations. This event marked an important milestone for the cohort, as they prepared to finish Primary School and begin their journey as High School students. It was a hot summer's evening as our guests arrived, glowing with excitement for the night ahead. Countless photos were taken with family and friends before the formalities began. King's Reedy Creek Campus Principal, Mr Meyers, and Head of Primary, Mrs Payne, welcomed our guests and presented each student with a personalised Bible and their graduation certificate. As parents departed, students walked the red carpet, through the teachers' guard of honour, into the auditorium to enjoy a two-course dinner, highlights video, fun trivia quiz, and lively dancing. The night was filled with mixed emotions - the joy of reminiscing over many happy memories from their years in primary and the excitement of starting High School, with the sadness of leaving their primary school life behind. Our students have grown so much throughout their learning journey at King's so far. We are so proud of the young men and women they have become and are excited to see all that God has ahead for them.

Thank you to our staff and parents for the incredible journey we have shared together at King’s so far and for all your work in helping create a wonderful graduation celebration for our Year 6 cohort. Thank you students for all that you have brought to our Primary School community over the years. We pray that you continue to thrive as High School students at King's.