Year 7 Camp 2020

Reedy Creek

Year 7 camp was an invaluable experience for teachers and students alike. Some highlights of camp included Tribal Wars, devotions and the giant swing. Tribal Wars were amazing in every way. On day one, a giant inflatable jumping castle was blown up and contestants from the four tribes battled it out, with Finney and Rayleigh competing in the final dance-off. Finney gained the victory, but the other houses were eager to see their defeat. Tribal Wars on the second night were even more exciting, and the four houses competed in a game called ‘Water, Mountain, Lava.’ It was challenging but Tyndale and Newton won, gaining major points in the final tribal wars. An epic war cry face-off was called for, and every house was given only 20 minutes to prepare. Tyndale intimidated the other teams with the classic ‘lawn mower’ move, Finney held their ground, Newton had an intense formation ready to emerge and Rayleigh held their bows high. The war cries were fierce but Newton reigned supreme.

Another highlight of camp was the devotions which were held straight after the Tribal Wars. On the first night, we talked about taking leaps of faith for God, and on the second night we discussed how God can heal our insecurities. At the end of each night, numerous hands were raised as students gave their lives to Jesus - it was amazing! On the second night of devotions, over half the grade was in tears, and it was honestly such a beautiful place to be.

There were many other amazing activities such as the giant swing where I joined other brave students to venture to the top of the swing which was 10-15 meters of the ground. The high swing was half over a ledge and overhung a river surrounded by giant trees, but despite the scary view, this was one of our highlights.

Year 7 camp was an experience of growth and facing fears, it breathed life into us and gave us new confidence, and I’m so glad that I got to be there.

By Ava Moes, Year 7 Student