Year 7 English


On Wednesday 20 November 7X English went to 2B to read the stories that they created for their English assessment over the last four weeks. Students had to choose from four poems: The Man from IronBark, The Man from Snowy River, Mulga Bill's Bicycle all written by A.B Patterson, and the Jabberwocky written by Lewis Carroll. The assessment task was to transform the poem into a storybook for younger ages to enjoy. It was an amazing experience for all of the Year 7’s and the Year 2’s thought it was great having lots of stories read to them.

Isabella Zengoski

On Wednesday the 20 November, 7X went to class 2B to present the children's books that they had written. The children enjoyed this time to bond with the year 7’s and the class loved spending time reading stories. It was good for Year 7 to get some feedback from the age group that the stories were aimed at. This is definitely a task that year 7 would love to do again.

Ella Turton