Year 7 Transition Day

Reedy Creek

Last Wednesday, we had our Year 7 transition day at school. We were able to meet new friends who are coming to King's for Grade 7 next year, as well as some of the teachers in High School.

Throughout the morning we learnt a lot about what to expect next year. For example, did you know that in High School they don’t have home classes like we do in Grade 6? Instead they have PC classes where students meet each morning to do devotions before they begin their lessons. We are all very excited to find out which PC class we will be in next year.

Another session we did was learning how to use the locks on our lockers. Let’s just say they were really hard. It took everyone a long time to figure out how to do it. At least we know all our belongings will be secure!

We also learnt to read timetables and took a tour around the school. Some High School leaders were there to answer all our questions. They were really nice and made us feel a lot less scared about next year.

We think it’s going to be fun to be a middle schooler. The most exciting thing about High School is that we can choose some of our own subjects.

We are now really excited to make the move from Primary School to High School.

- By Eve de Soysa-Dale, Bella Sceriha and Koko Ono (6D)