Year 7's Adventurous 2021 Camp


Our Year 7s returned from their first High School camp on Wednesday, 10 March, after an amazing three days at QCCC Mapleton on the Sunshine Coast. The action-packed camp program involved adventurous challenges that increased the students' self-confidence and helped them create and develop stronger friendships for their High School journey ahead.

"Year 7 Camp 2021 was bound to be one of the highlights of the year. We travelled to QCCC Mapleton on the Sunshine Coast where some of the Year 7s' favourite activities at camp were the 'Giant Swing' and the 'Flying Fox'. These were closely followed by rock climbing with all its odd-shaped walls, and canoeing, as we paddled across the river. Every night, the Year 7s split up into House groups. The Houses competed against each other in exciting Tribal Wars, resulting in Rayleigh coming first, Finney second, Newton third, and Tyndale fourth. After Tribal Wars, we would have some free time before dinner and devotions. On the second night, we had a dance party featuring some of our favourite pop songs with many prizes to be won. We also had Ps Rhys and Chaplain Briar preach, and enjoyed praise and worship and a moving ministry time, with an altar call at the end where most of the grade got prayed for and prayed for each other... Year 7 camp was truly amazing!"