Year 7 & 12 Afternoon Builds Camaraderie & Connection


Every year in Term 1, High School runs the Year 7 & 12 Afternoon to help build connection and College culture. This valuable event is often a highlight of the school calendar for the cohorts, as they unite in an array of activities designed for fun and friendship-building. Through these shared experiences, our students often create a comradery that continues throughout their King’s journey. 

Bethany McDonald (N7) still remembers her Year 7 & 12 Afternoon when she first began High School, and as a current Year 12 student, her hope was that she could help the Year 7s create amazing memories that would last them a lifetime. Bethany shared some insights from this year's experience:

“On Friday, 26 February, the sun was shining as our Year 7 and 12 female cohorts came together to celebrate the start of the High School journey for Year 7s, and nearing the end for Year 12s. The afternoon was filled with laughter, unity and dancing - the perfect combination in my opinion. Our main activities included a scavenger hunt and laser skirmish, which took us all around the High School to help the Year 7s get to know their surroundings and run off their crazy amounts of energy! The scavenger hunt involved lots of singing, dancing and laughing, as we raced against the other Houses and collected clues. The more subdued beading session gave us all a chance to relax while we helped the Year 7s create their own keychain as a keepsake. The evening concluded with devotions and time where the Year 12s answered questions about starting high school, homework, friendships and other girly things.”

The Year 7 and 12 boys equally enjoyed their afternoon together. It was encouraging to see so many Year 12 boys showing leadership and support to their youngest High School peers, as they competed in House groups during interactive games of laser skirmish, Ultimate Frisbee, ‘The Game’ and Tinball. These heart-pumping, adrenalin-inducing activities were followed by pizzas and a senior student panel, led by College Captain Isaac Gallagher, who shared some words of wisdom to end an incredible night.

Year 12 Reflections From the Night:

  • ‘It was a chance to connect with the younger grade and have tonnes of fun!’
  • ‘…So much fun! It gave everyone an opportunity to connect not only with the younger grade but ours as well.’
  • ‘It was amazing to get to know the Year 7s in my PC as well participated in the games.’
  • ‘I loved the whole experience of unity. It was a super fun night to be able to just have the girls together!’