Year 8 Camp


In Week 5 this term our Year 8's went on camp. The camp was held at Tyalgum in northern NSW.

This year, camp was an amazing adventure. In camp there were so many activities to do, we did mountain biking, archery, rock hopping, kayaking, orienteering, high ropes, bush walking and low ropes. The most exciting thing about camp this year was doing orienteering. You got to work in groups. In my group I had Milly, Taylah, Tahlia, Ayla and Miss Soper. Sliding down the big mud hills were so much fun. It was amusing to see how muddy everyone was walking out of the bush.

The most challenging part of camp was not slipping over. I slipped over maybe once or twice everyday but got my shoes extremely muddy. The best moment that I will cherish was when the teachers walked out of my room and started rolling on the floor laughing and everyone girl came out and laughed with them. I would advise everyone to get muddy with every situation they get and to enjoy as much as they can.

Emily Clark (Year 8)

All the activities were pretty exciting, especially orienteering with a group of boys I wouldn’t usually hang out with and we got along really well and made some good friendships. Having everything in order and being on time was pretty hard but when you are with friends you get it done and help each other out. Same with some of the activities like hiking or orienteering, we had to help each other out a lot to get to different destinations and not fall down any hills. Hiking to the waterfall is something I will NEVER forget.

Just the amount of fun we had was next level, but something that I will hold on to is the quiet moments as well, the view of the mountains and the clouds was amazing! My advice is to literally live in the moment, if you don’t get the day group or cabin group you wanted, forget about it and accept it or you’ll be worrying about it the whole time, it’s only 3 days so enjoy every second of it and make the most of the activities.

Judson Gainfort (Year 8)

Camp this year was a real adventure, on camp there were so many activities to do. My favourite thing would have to be orienteering. It was so amusing to see everyone coming back from the bush covered in mud, including myself. The most challenging thing at camp for me was falling over. I struggled walking through the deep puddles. In fact Mrs Francis and Miss Soper had to tell me where to step because I was such a mess.

The best memory from camp is when the teachers laughed so hard that every girl in their cabins ran out and joined, it was the best night. I would say to the future. ENJOY IT WHILE IT LAST, BRING TWO PAIRS OF WET SHOES.

Milly Keeley (Year 8)