Year 9 Geography students visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary


At the end of Term 3, Year 9 Geography students started their new unit of work on Tourism with a visit to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. As one of the Gold Coast’s most popular attractions, the aim for students was to find out why so many people take the time to visit this particular location, and also to evaluate the impact of border closures.

The day started with some time to wander around the Sanctuary to gain an overall understanding of the purpose of the park. During the presentation of the ‘Free Flight’ bird show, students were introduced to some of the park’s native residents and gained insight into their unique position in the food chain. Students also took part in two education sessions on domestic and international tourism. This included a discussion of the impact of border closures on the sanctuary, and how they were able to maintain their support for local wildlife with visitor numbers down by around 50%. Classwork for Term 4 is focussed on reasons for tourism and the impact of tourism from an economic, social, and environmental point of view. Students will spend time developing their geography skills by constructing and interpreting a variety of maps and graphs in preparation for their end of unit assessment.

Mrs Grimes

Yr9  Cws Tourism 2