Year 9 Student Applies Learning to Create App

Year 9 student, Riley Cogdell-Baird, applied what he had learned in Digital Technologies at King's to create his very own app called Cube Crash. In the game, players must hit the cubes that are the same colour as their character to earn points, while avoiding colours that don't match. Airborne blocks provide extra points and can change a character's colour. 

Riley explained his experiences in creating a viable app game:

'During Digital Technologies in Terms 2 and 3 at King's, our class learned how to make simple games through the application Xcode. This inspired me to create an endless runner game of my own. Additionally, I decided to use the game engine 'Unity,' which has been used to create many very popular apps. I had used this previously for fun so I was relatively familiar with it and the coding language C# that it requires. I have been working hard to develop the game since the end of Term 2, and only recently finished the first release of the game. Later I published it onto both Google Play and the iOS App Store. I currently deliver frequent updates to the app after getting feedback from users and after learning new skills that I can implement into the game. In the future I would like to continue coding and creating games like this.'

Cube Crash is appropriate for children and has a rating of 4+ in Australia, with some advertisements in the game, and it can be downloaded free from the App Store or Google Play.

Well done Riley!