Year 9 Touch Rugby Competition


Term 4 saw the introduction of the PE Championships - a friendly competition for Year 9 PE classes that proved to be a highlight of their practical lessons. Each of the four Year 9 PE classes registered three teams for the inaugural Touch Rugby competition and assigned them to Division 1, 2 or 3. Congratulations to our winning teams (and their coaches') in each division. Following the success of this competition, King's will run a PE Championship each term in 2021 and will extend the invitation to include Pimpama's first Year 9 classes.


One1st = Black squad
2nd = Glow Getters
3rd = Green squad
4th = Blue squad
Two1st = Black squad
2nd = Glow Getters
3rd = Blue squad
4th = Green squad 
Three1st = Blue squad
2nd = Glow Getters
3rd = Green squad
4th = Black squad
  • Black squad: Mr Lonsdale's class
  • Glow Getters: Mrs Goodhue's class
  • Blue squad: Mr Foster's class
  • Green squad: Mr Grady's class