Year 1s Get Cracking with Learning


Wow! What a start to Year 1!

This term, so far, we have explored life when our Grandparents went to school and what they did for fun such as playing naughts and crosses, hopscotch and dominos. Maths has been a whirlwind of shapes, patterns and number exploration where we have discovered skip counting all the way to 100. We have read stories, written recounts and practised amazing handwriting. This term we have also split our classes to conduct Crack the Code which has seen us take leaps in our spelling knowledge, exploring spelling rules and tricks to help tackle difficult words. A highlight every week is our specialist lessons where we have the amazing opportunity to learn Spanish, Chess, Digital Technologies, Music and PE. AMP’d sessions have also given us the opportunity to try new things like soccer, hip hop dancing, craft and so much more! It is sometimes hard to believe we are only a few weeks down and have already done so much, but we are so excited for where the rest of the school year takes us!