Zoom Meetings with Students from Japan


During Week 7 and 8 of Term 2, our Japanese language students participated in the Australian Olympic Connect Tomodachi (friends) 2021 program. We had a very exciting opportunity to communicate with Year 8 Japanese students from Minami Ikeda Junior High School via Live. Our Year 7 students were able to introduce themselves and ask questions using the studied vocabulary. Our Year 10 students described the Gold Coast and exchanged opinions. Kings' students and the Japanese students asked questions in both languages. This program will promote the value of cross-cultural friendships and we are hoping to continually build a positive relationship between our two countries in the future.

"Doing the zoom session with Minami Ikeda Junior High School was a great experience. Communicating with students just like us in Japanese was super fun, and really put our language skills to the test! I feel like I learnt a lot from our friends in Japan, and I'm sure the feeling is mutual. I can't wait to call again in the future! "
"I was very impressed by their Japanese. Even though they have just started learning Japanese, they spoke well."