Clubs Years 4-6

Reedy Creek Primary Clubs | Term 1, 2017

Years 4 - 6

Primary Clubs for students in Years 4 - 6 are held on Tuesday afternoon from 2:10pm - 3:10pm. Clubs run for 6 weeks from February 14 until March 21.

Please click on the link below to go to the selection for your child's Year level. After following the link, please read the description of the Clubs and select your choice of a single Club on the booking form attached to that club.

  • Please choose only one club from the list
  • Please choose carefully. Once you have registered for a Club, it can not be changed.
  • Club bookings will close at 9.00am, February 3. Any students not enrolled by this time will be placed in a club that has vacancies.
  • Confirmation of club selection will be given to students during week 3. Students will write their club in their diary.
  • Some clubs have limited numbers. This will be indicated on the booking form. Once the maximum has been reached, that Club will become unavailable.
  • Some Clubs incur a cost. This cost is indicated on the booking form and can be paid by credit card on-line. The cost is based on the 6-week period of Term 1 Clubs.
  • Students taking part in off-campus activities will be transported from school to the location. Parents will need to arrange for pick-up from this location at the end of each session. (Unless otherwise indicated.)
  • Clubs will commence on Tuesday, February 14, 2017

It's all about the character

Students will design a character built only from their imaginations. They will first draw their character, creating its physical image and then design its personality (flaws, strengths and oddities). Once the characters are created students will write a story around them. They will experiment with different ways of writing to discover what suits their character best. Students will have the opportunities to make their characters face challenges and tensions in worlds that only they can imagine. Students need to be prepared to challenge themselves in ways beyond the imagination.


Students will be introduced to the process of solving a crime. Groups are given a brief “job description” for a variety of C.S.I. roles (Lead Investigator, Detective, Analyst etc.). The group will allocate each member a roll. Each group will carry out their role in responding to a crime. Students will record data, take crime scene photographs, collect evidence and collect witness statements etc.

Dress: Tuesday Uniform

Drama Games

Through participation in the following activities over a series of 6 weeks, the students will develop in their ability to:

  • think quickly
  • use their imagination and be creative
  • improvise
  • communicate with clarity
  • use their voice more skillfully
  • use gestures and movement to enhance their acting
  • work collaboratively with others
  • be confident

These skills will be developed in a fun, enthusiastic and supportive environment.

Dress: Sports uniform

Golden Pencil Club

The Golden Pencil Club is a visual art class designed for the artistically gifted and passionate. Students will be given the opportunity to explore the many and varied facets of drawing, painting and collage. With a strong focus on exploration and experimentation, this club will be practical and hands-on allowing students to explore a range of techniques and create an artwork for our upcoming Easter Arts Gallery.

Alice in Wonderland Jnr - The Musical

We are thrilled to announce that this year’s musical is ‘Alice in Wonderland Jr’. This is a fantastic Disney musical that tells a story of ‘Alice’ daydreaming about a make believe world. She encounters many crazy and fun characters throughout the journey.

We will begin auditions in week 2. There is an opportunity for 24 students to play a lead role! This could be your year to shine!

We are capping this club at 40 and Mr Reddrop will choose students through the audition process (see flyer). Please make note that there will be after school and holiday rehearsals beginning term 2. (Year 4-6 students only)

Dr Seuss Fan Club

Students explore the different books, venturing into the wild imaginative world of Seuss.

Dress: Tuesday uniform


The dance class will encourage students and provide them with a fun, positive and motivating atmosphere to learn dance and exercise. Dance provides the opportunity to develop the stamina, endurance and technique for a future in dance or simply as a means for overall fitness. The routine will be displayed in front of chapel.


This club is off-campus. Parents will need to pick students up from the venue

"Let's go surfing now, everybody's learning how, come on a safari with me!"

The Surfing Club is based at Currumbin Alley and lessons are run through 'Surfing Services Australis' by trained and experienced instructors. Students have the opportunity to learn the basics of surfing including awareness of surf conditions, paddling, wave selection and take off and correct technique. All equipment is provided including boards, wetsuits and rash shirts. Students are only asked to bring swimmers and sunscreen. This a great opportunity to get in the water and try your hand at surfing.

Students will be taken by bus but do need to be picked up on site. Parents need to arrive at 3pm for a 3:10pm pickup.

*Opportunities for advanced surfers depends on group numbers.

Dress requirement: sport uniform, swimmers, rash shirt, towel, suncream, closed in shoes, hat.

Club Debating

Do you want to really be good at public speaking? Do you want to present better in front of your class? Do you enjoy being in a team? Do you want to learn to think faster? Do you want to write better? Do you like to argue, and to win?

Well, if you answered YES to these then Club Debating is for you. Each week you will be taught new skills, and practice these in real life situations. Club Debating will culminate in a full formal debate, in just six weeks time.

So take the chance, it will be fun and very worthwhile. Sign up now!

Dress: Tuesday uniform

Poetic Poetry

Attention all King’s poets! Join us for a creative afternoon once a week in Poetic Poetry. During this club we will explore different forms of poetry and unlock the hidden poet in participating students. We will read, write, share and have fun with poetic language and create a personal poetry book full of our creations. So come and explore your creative side in Poetic Poetry.

Dress: Tuesday Uniform

Junior Robotics

What is a robot?

You can choose just about any definition that suits you, but we like to define a robot simply as this: A device that performs work. Work is the exertion of energy.

Did you realise you have been using robots your entire life and probably never even thought about it? A vending machine is a robot. A dishwasher is a robot. A washing machine is a robot. The automatic checkout lane at the grocery store is a robot.

Robots are all around us and need not be feared. This leaves the definition of a robot open to anything that is non-human or non-animal that moves or has moving parts.

We are not judging whether the robot performs useful work. The usefulness is best judged by the robot’s creator and its fans.

Beginner Robotics is the first step in moving from toy lego into a more advanced version. We focus on the development of moving parts such as pulley systems, pistons, levers and cogs. Students have the opportunity to then program these systems using software, giving them their first taste of a block style programming system.

Robotics gives students an experience and a reason to develop their basic problem-solving skills which can never be underestimated.

Dress: Tuesday dress

Wildlife Warriors

The club is off campus. Parents will need to pick up students from the venue

If you love animals then this is the club for you. Students will work with park rangers and learn all there is to know about our native animals.

Dress: Sport uniform

Comic Book Creations

In Comic Book Creations, students will create their own hand drawn comic book. We will develop characters, story lines and learn how to put all the frames together to develop our stories. Students will need pencils/textas and plenty of ideas!

Dress: Tuesday uniform


Do you want your children to improve concentration, problem solving, planning ahead and memory retention all while having FUN? Then the CHESS Club is for you. An exciting combination of Coaching + Competition games weekly with Mr Cooke will have your child enthusiastic about learning- Limited spots available.

Dress: Tuesday uniform


Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field of engineering that includes a combination of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, telecommunications engineering, control engineering and computer engineering.

Become a designer and creator of your own creation, building and engineering 'The Perfect Transport'. Program your transport to act the way you would like it to act. Teach it to think for itself and have it fend for itself. Can you create a perfect set of rules for it to break? Mechatronics gives students an experience and a reason to continue developing their coding and problem solving skills. Which in this day and age, can never be underestimated.

Dress: Tuesday uniform


Skipping is great for improved balance, coordination, strength, fitness and it’s FUN!

Open to boys and girls between Grades 3-6.

Dress: Sport uniform

Adventure Time

Do you have questions about life?

Come on an exciting journey through the basics of the Christian faith with Mr Malcolm. Explore your purpose and discover that life with Jesus is a non-stop adventure!

Club Kidpreneur

A club/enterprise that seeks to foster entrepreneurial skills in primary-aged children through teaching them to build and launch their own micro-enterprises through inspiration, education and empowerment of the next generation.

Entrepreneurs are the pioneers who innovate to drive the world forward and create much-needed employment in our communities. To encourage more economies to create jobs for the world’s youth, we must create more entrepreneurs & high-growth businesses through the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world. The next generation is where it starts.

Imagine a world where kids:

  • Use their creativity and initiative to start enterprises to positively impact their communities;
  • Can experiment with both success and challenges at a younger age through fun enterprise;
  • Realise that entrepreneurship is one of the most powerful ways to make a positive difference in the world;
  • Have another avenue to excel and explore other than sports, academia or the arts;
  • Build their self esteem
  • Increase their self-confidence
  • Foster self determination

In this club students will learn about business. They will design a micro-business, organise a business name, create a logo and make products to sell.

Dress: Tuesday uniform

The Art of Design

Students will learn to create 3D classic and modern art pieces. They will be taught how to use everyday items and turn them into work of art. Students will also learn the basic elements of clay construction.

Dress: Tuesday uniform


Do you want to be a better friend?

Do you want to have more friends?

Do you want to be the best YOU you can be?

If your answer is yes to any of these then this may be the club for you.

In this club you will learn:

  • More about yourself
  • How to make better choices
  • Better Communication with others
  • Greater self confidence


The club is off campus. Parents will need to pick up students from the venue

Much more than just hitting a small ball with a stick, the Golf club will allow students to develop hand eye coordination and gross motor skills. Students will be having so much fun they won't even realise the skills they are developing!

Location: Emerald Lakes Golf Club

Cost - $90

Club Health

20 minutes of practical and 30 minutes of theory each week. This could give each student skills on healthy diet (exploring the food pyramid / lunch box investigations / what God says about our health / how to be active in looking after our own health etc.

Building Lego Creations

"Bible Lego Creations" - An innovative, hands-on approach to studying the bible. Budding theologians express their understanding of Scripture through exciting individual and group constructions, representing the stories and themes of the world's greatest book!

Dress: Tuesday Uniform

Book Club

What is it?

Teams of four students together read a set of books, and then compete with other teams within the club to answer quiz questions from the books. Students have an input in the quiz questions that they would have to answer.

Why do it?

Readers Cup competitions challenge students to read widely, work collaboratively in a team and continue developing a love of reading. It allows readers to meet other students with an equal passion for books.


STEM Club gives Year 4 students the chance to explore aspects of science, technology, engineering and maths.

Over the coming weeks students will focus on activities such as:

Physics - Balloon Rockets, Science - create bath bombs, Design Technology - create a simple robot and much more.

See you there.

Team Pursuits

Working in teams, using brains and physical abilities, students will solve seemingly unsolvable problems.

Bounce Ed - Trampoline Sports and Fitness

BOUNCE ED is a contemporary, fun and safe new program that promotes active participation, regardless of skill level. Combining fundamental movement skills, such as locomotion and kinaesthetic awareness, with the efficient and effective exercise benefits of rebound activities.

Venue: BOUNCEinc, 10 Energy Circuit, Robina

Dress requirements: sports uniform, BOUNCE socks (will be provided first week)

Please note: This is an off campus club. STUDENTS WILL NEED TO BE PICKED UP FROM VENUE.