Mobile applications

The King's app for iPhone / iPad and Android has a calendar of events and notices that are updated daily. Other features include an interactive map of the Campus, a list of key contact information, photo and video galleries and links to our weekly newsletter. A push notification can be sent to subscribers' phones if there is an urgent or emergency message.

You can also tailor which notices you receive. For example, if you only want to receive notices relevant to the primary school, you can adjust your settings to do so. For support, please email us.

Pimpama Campus

Reedy Creek Campus

REEDY CREEK: King's app for Android devices - on Google PlayREEDY CREEK: King's app for Android devices - on Google Play
PIMPAMA: King's app on the iTunes app storeREEDY CREEK: King's app on the iTunes app store


Follow us on our Facebook page to keep in touch with major events at school. We use our Facebook page to publish quick notes, reminders or invitations to public events.

Each year level has its own closed Facebook group where parents can keep in touch with each other for social and other activities around the school.

Closed Year Level Facebook Groups


We produce an annual printed calendar of events that we send to King's families at the end of each year. In addition, our electronic calendar is updated daily as more details become available, or changes become known. You can view this calendar on this site, through the mobile app, or you can subscribe to it through MS Outlook, or iCal on your computer or phone.


We use SMS to message parents when school buses are delayed. We also use SMS to notify parents when students are absent without explanation for morning roll call. Please ensure we have your most up to date mobile phone number. You can update this information in the 'Parent 'Details' section of Parent Lounge.


Email is our preferred way of quickly sending messages home. We will use it to send our weekly newsletter, and other information that parents need to know. Please make sure that we have your current email address. You can update this information in the 'Parent 'Details' section of Parent Lounge.

Parent Lounge - PimpamaParent Lounge - Reedy Creek

Parent Hub

The Parent Hub is a communications web portal for King's parents. It is a mini website that collects, from various sources, relevant information for parents. Parents can log-in using their Parent Lounge username and password.

The Parent Hub contains information such as:

  • Notices relevant to your child's year level
  • School calendar and this week's events
  • Links to school newsletters
  • Tips for new families
  • Sports information
  • Parent Information booklets
  • Business Directory
  • School Policies
  • Uniform Ship
  • Canteen
  • Bus Routes
  • Extra Curricular
  • Resources and more
Link to Parent Hub


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