Thank you for your interest in our scholarship exams. Applications for 2024 King's Scholarships are now closed. Any further dates will be announced here. 

Gifted and talented? Unleash your child's potential with a King's scholarship.

King's offers academic and instrumental music scholarships. Exams usually take place in February and June for school entry in the following year.

Scholarship FAQs

Academic scholarships

King's offers academic scholarships at its Reedy Creek, Pimpama and Logan Village campuses for students entering Years 4-11 in the following school year.

Music scholarships

Orchestral music scholarships are available at our Reedy Creek and Pimpama campuses for students entering Years 7 - 11 in the following school year.

Students applying for Orchestral instrument scholarships are also required to take the academic examination. On completion of the academic exam, applicants who meet the criteria will be contacted to arrange a suitable audition time. Audition requirements can be downloaded below.

Music Scholarship Audition Requirements


All scholarship applications must be submitted online and should include a copy of the applicant's most recent school report. There is a $50 non-refundable application fee that is payable at the time of application. Students are not required to bring anything with them to the examination as King's will provide all necessary stationery. 

Please ensure you arrive at the College 15 minutes prior to the examination time, and allow approximately one hour for the examination.


King's Scholarships:
Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for a King's Scholarship

When do King's scholarship exams take place?

King's scholarship exams take place twice yearly (21 February 2023 & 20 May 2023) for school entry the following year. (These dates may differ between campuses.)

Where do King's scholarship exams take place?

King's scholarship exams take place at our Reedy CreekPimpama and Logan campuses

What type of scholarships are offered by King's?

King's offers academic scholarships for students entering Years 4-11 in the following academic year and instrumental music scholarships for students entering Years 7-11 the following year.

What do King's scholarships offer?

King's scholarships cover the cost of King's tuition fees (not consumables, eg stationery, excursions etc). Depending on their academic/musical ability, successful candidates will be offered a full or partial scholarship.

How long do King's scholarships last?

King's scholarships are offered to students who are intending to stay at King's until graduating in Year 12. The scholarship is valid through to the end of Year 12.  
(If a student on a scholarship leaves the College prior to graduating in Year 12, the College may ask for fees waived by the scholarship to be repaid to the College)

The continuing offer of a scholarship requires the student and family to be supportive of the College and its culture and for the student to display continuing high standards of behaviour and academic results.

If my child was unsuccessful at a previous King's scholarship exam, may they reapply?

Yes, they may apply the following year but candidates may only apply for a scholarship once per year.

Can existing King's students apply for a scholarship?

Yes, they can.

My child is applying for an instrumental music scholarship. Must they still sit the academic exam?

Yes. While King's does not expect music scholarship candidates to excel at the academic exam, we expect gifted musicians to demonstrate a reasonable level of academic ability.

How do I apply for a scholarship at King's?

Complete our online application form. If there is no application form online, it is because our scholarship applications are closed.

IMPORTANT: Please check the specific scholarship exam date you are applying for ad the closing date for that exam. Due to the volume of scholarship applications we receive, we cannot accept late applications.

How much does a scholarship application cost?

The application fee is $50. Payments are to be made online by credit card at the time of application. Please be aware this is a non-refundable fee in all cases including if your child does not sit the exam for any reason.

I completed my application but forgot to attach some documents / entered some wrong information

Please email details of your child's name and any corrections you need making to your application form to You may attach digital copies of relevant documents to your email. We will then amend your application accordingly and notify you by email.

What happens after submitting my application?

You will receive an email confirmation of your application with a receipt for your application fee payment. A reminder email detailing the time, location and procedure for the exam will be sent to you a couple of days before the exam date.

King's Academic Scholarship Exam

What format does King's academic scholarship exam take?

King's academic scholarship exam is based on the National Benchmark Diagnostic Testing and is a MULTIPLE CHOICE test. Students will be tested in English, maths and general knowledge. The exam lasts approximately 60 minutes.

How can my child prepare for King's academic scholarship exam?

No preparation is necessary. The King's scholarship exam is designed to test the student's existing ability.

What should my child bring to the exam?

Only a drink bottle. All stationery will be provided. Calculators are not required. Smartwatches and phones are prohibited.

What if my child is ill / cannot make it?

Please contact King's Christian College in advance of the exam.
Tel:(07) 5587 7600

Please note that any student displaying signs of illness, flu or cold symptoms, coughing etc will not be permitted onto King's premises. Depending on the time of year, it may be possible to reschedule your child's exam to a later date.

Where do we report to on the day of the exam?

Please arrive 15 minutes before the exam commences.

Applicants sitting the scholarship exam at our Reedy Creek campus should enter through Gate 2 at 68 Gemvale Road, Reedy Creek.

Applicants attending our Pimpama campus should enter at 198 Pimpama-Jacobs Well Road, Pimpama.

Applicants attending our Logan Village (Anzac Ave) campus should enter at 38 Anzac Ave, Logan Village, QLD 4133 Australia

Please allow approximately 60 - 75 min for students to complete the scholarship exam and return to the car park for collection.

Can I take a look around the campus while my child is sitting their exam?

We would love to show you around our College and give you a feel for life at King's. We hold a Principal's Tour on the day of the Scholarship Exams so that you can meet some of our friendly staff and leadership team and tour our school grounds. You can register here once we open our Principals Tour booking.

You can also Book a personal tour with our Enrolments team for the opportunity to look around the campus with your child at a convenient time.

How long after the exam will I hear if my child has been successful?

All applicants will be notified, in writing, of their outcome approximately three to four term weeks after the exam.

King's Instrumental Music Scholarships

My child is applying for an instrumental music scholarship. Must they still sit the academic exam?

Yes. While King's does not expect music scholarship candidates to excel at the academic exam, we expect gifted musicians to demonstrate a reasonable level of academic ability.

How does my child apply for a music scholarship at King's?

  1. Complete an online application form. (Please ensure you state the instrument and level/grade.)
  2. Sit the academic scholarship exam.
  3. After your child has sat the academic exam, you will be contacted by King's Performing Arts department to arrange an audition date, providing your child meets the audition requirements. Expect to wait two weeks after the academic exam before being called for an audition.

How does my child audition for a music scholarship at King's?

Your child will be invited to King's Pimpama or Reedy Creek campus for their audition. Please read the Music Scholarship Audition Requirements for details of how to prepare.

How long after the audition will I hear if my child has been successful?

All applicants will be notified in writing of their outcome approximately three term weeks after their audition.

Can't Find an Answer to Your Question?

Please email our Scholarships team at or call us on (07) 5587 7600.

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