High School

Our high school provides a traditional education with a firm Christian foundation. Our experience is that students thrive in a stable, ordered environment where they experience a comprehensive academic and co-curricular program.

A full academic program, inter-school sports competition, weekly co-curricular activities, chapel, diverse performing arts and music programs and a host of other activities ensure that there is a rich learning environment for each student.

The College provides a great diversity in education, with programs designed to inspire and challenge. However, in amongst all the activity, the mission of the College remains constant: to develop our students to become Christian leaders for tomorrow's generation. During their high school years, students develop their sense of identity, their faith and their personal responsibilities towards God and others. We work in partnership with our families to prepare our students for the future; to give them a head start in life.

Years 7, 8 and 9 form the middle school. Students have a challenging curriculum that places them in good stead for the senior years (10 - 12) to come.

The school has gained an enviable reputation for the atmosphere of care and support it offers. Our teachers have a passionate commitment to nurture these young adults into becoming successful, confident people who believe they can make a positive impact on the future of their given worlds.

Our 1:1 laptop iPad / Macbook program is integrated across all years in the secondary school. (The program begins in Year 5 in the primary school.) We are at the forefront of the use of technology in the classroom and use it across all curriculum areas where it enhances teaching and learning.

Our cultural and performing arts program is designed to empower students to begin a creative educational journey that is full of the joy of discovery.

King's is a member of the Associated Private Schools (APS) sports competition. The range of sports provides opportunities for all students to develop their physical health and wellbeing.

A comprehensive study skills program through Years 7 to 12 helps students understand their own learning styles, highlighting the best methods of assignment and study techniques, and thereby enhancing their opportunity to excel.

King's is not an academically selective school. We enrol students across the spectrum of abilities. Much effort is put into understanding the potential of each student and monitoring his or her performance so that each student has the opportunity to achieve to his / her potential.

Middle School
Senior School