King's is one of eight local schools that form the Associated Private Schools (APS) sports competition. The aim of this association is to provide a safe, competitive, and good-spirited competition.

While everyone plays to win, the goal of this association is to provide opportunities for healthy exercise, improving skills, and collegial interaction with other young people in the local community. King’s students develop an attitude of fair play while striving to perform and compete at their very best.

Sport, together with our PE program improves students’ physical development, health, fitness, self-confidence and general well-being. Physical skills are learned and improved while life skills such as character development, self-discipline and perseverance are cornerstones of our program.

Students have access to the new King's Sports Centre which is a state-of-the-art indoor sports centre that includes 2 basketball courts / multipurpose courts, large fitness / training room, four classrooms and changing / shower facilities. This centre is in constant use by students before and after school as well as during school hours.

Sports played at King’s as part of the APS competition or as part of our PE curriculum include:

Swimming Touch Football
Athletics Softball
Rugby Australian Rules Football
Cricket Cross Country Running
Volleyball Gymnastics
Soccer European Handball
Tennis Royal Life Saving
Hockey T-Ball
Netball Newcomb ball
Basketball Water Polo

Primary School Sport and PE

The primary department has its own specialist PE staff who oversee the program of physical development of the students.

All students from Prep are taught basic swimming and water survival skills. Each week during the summer months, students attend a local aquatic centre where they receive professional instruction in learning to swim, stroke correction, surf survival and life-saving techniques. The program culminates in the annual swimming carnival, a "must-see" for the parents of these proud children.

The PE program is also designed to develop other common sports skills. We believe that physical development of a child should be comprehensive and fun. Recreational sporting activities play such a large part in the Australian way of life that it is important to develop basic skills in all children.

From years 4 through 6, our students are privileged to compete in the local Associated Private Schools (APS) primary competition. A variety of summer and winter sports engage the students' interest and build their self-confidence and sense of accomplishment. In addition to these sports, students have the opportunity to represent King's at the annual swimming, athletics and cross-country carnivals.

Some students progress in their sporting prowess to such an extent that they achieve selection in regional, state, and sometimes, national competitions.

High School Sport

The high school sports program runs throughout the school year. Intra-school and inter-school swimming carnivals are the first major events of the year. These are followed by similar events for cross-country competitors. Next on the calendar are the winter team sports with options to play:

Boys - rugby, soccer, hockey, tennis and volleyball;
Girls - soccer, hockey, netball, tennis and volleyball.

Track and field competition becomes the focus of the sports calendar towards the end of first semester.

As the weather warms up, schools begin the summer teams competition where students can select from the following:

Boys - cricket, tennis, touch, water polo, AFL and basketball;
Girls - softball, tennis, touch, water polo, AFL and basketball.

Each year, students from King's scale the ladder of success and gain selection in local district, state and in some cases national teams.

The College campus includes sports fields, competition standard volleyball courts, multipurpose tennis and basketball courts and a recreational area and an indoor sports centre comprising 2 multipurpose courts, weights room, classrooms and change rooms.

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