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Student Leadership

"​Educating Students in Christian Leadership for Tomorrow's Generation"

The vision of King's extends beyond school life. Not only are we committed to having a positive impact on the lives of people in our community today, but equally, we are duty bound to plant seeds outside our community and also into tomorrow's generation, and beyond.

Consequently, we see each student as a potential leader, someone who can develop his/her God-given mandate to be a light to the world. That is why our College places so much emphasis on Christian character growth. No matter what their role in life, our students can grow to serve one another, and be examples of compassion, integrity and vision.

Many opportunities are available for primary and secondary students to develop leadership qualities. Each year the College selects school captains, prefects, house leaders and other student leadership positions. In addition to these, students can lead in missions, chapel bands and choirs or other areas such as their personal lifestyle. The school has a policy of honouring those who choose to do their best.