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From the Principal

Thank you for visiting the King's Christian College website.

Throughout this site, we aim to show you what makes King's a special school that has enriched the lives of so many students.

Who you are speaks louder than what you say!

At King's, we place emphasis on selecting staff who have a commitment to please God in their own character and also have a passion to help young people succeed.

Our aim is to complement the role of parents, by providing a school environment that is safe, considerate and encouraging. It is our experience that when this is achieved, success will automatically follow.

Over the years, King's students have done remarkably well in all areas of school endeavours. Academic, cultural and sporting accomplishments have far exceeded what would be considered as normal for the State of Queensland.

Not everyone, however, can be a star performer. Nevertheless, each person can grow to become an honourable person of good character. This is the vision of King's. We believe that each person is unique, endowed with special talents, and able to grow into the person God desires of him/her.

King's is a modern school with traditional, proven Christian values. We provide affordable education on the Gold Coast for young people who desire the opportunity to lay the foundations for successful lives.

Mr Rees Davis
(College Principal)

Mr Rees Davis BSc, DipEd, BEd, MEd