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Performing Arts

King’s offers students a huge range of opportunities in music, dance and drama, both in and outside the classroom.

From our orchestras, musical ensembles and choirs to our dance academy, theatrical productions and award-winning cheer teams, chances are there will be King’s kids performing on a stage near you.

King's award winning cheer troupe

King's students perform at campus and community events throughout the year (including our Easter Arts Festival, Carnival Day and Christmas Concerts). They excel in Eisteddfods and shine in King's many musical showcases, dramatic productions and dance recitals.

But it’s not all about star turns. King's goal is to expose students to a wide variety of performance forms and styles, to nurture a love and appreciation of the arts and to develop confidence and creativity.

Primary School


  • All Year 1-6 students enjoy a weekly specialist music program (twice weekly at our Pimpama campus).
  • In Years 3 and 4, all students participate in an instrumental program (brass, woodwind, strings and percussion).
  • Movement and dance classes form part of King's PE program.

Prep music lesson


  • School drama/musical production every second year, alternating with a Performing Arts Showcase. Our goal in staging these events is to involve as many students as possible, using a wide range of artistic media to encourage the development of students' talents.
  • Mezzo Strings Orchestra for primary strings musicians
  • Junior Concert Band (for brass, woodwind and percussion musicians)
  • Lower Primary and Upper Primary Choirs compete in Eisteddfods and perform at many school and community events
  • Instrumental music lessons (brass, woodwind, strings, percussion, piano, voice and guitar)
  • Dance and cheer lessons

Alice in Wonderland Jr

High School


  • Year 7 and 8 students study Performance (a combination of dance and drama skills/knowledge) and Music as part of the curriculum.
  • Drama, Dance and Music electives are available to students from Year 9 onwards.
  • Students participate in excursions and workshops to broaden their skills and understanding (eg theatre trips, drumming workshops, puppetry skills).

dance studio


Each year there is a major high school production, alternating annually between a musical and a stage play. Productions are carefully selected to support the Christian ethos of the College.

Performing arts productions are designed to engage as many students and facets of performance as possible. Drama, dance, song, music, light and sound, props, makeup, costumes, PR and advertising, hospitality and refreshments and fund-raising sponsorship all converge to produce a memorable event. As you would expect, the Drama, Dance and Music departments are major contributors to any production. However, activity and support go far beyond - to Industrial Design, Food Technology and other areas of the school.


Students are involved in as many facets of the production as possible. Not only is it a time to develop and showcase talent, but it is a wonderful opportunity to work together as a team for a common cause.

Other extra-curricular opportunities include:

  • King's Souldiers - improvisation, choreography, writing and performance group
  • King’s String Orchestra
  • Vivace Concert Band
  • Sax Kings Saxophone Ensemble
  • Brass Ensemble
  • Flute Salad Ensemble
  • High School Choir - singing rock and contemporary classics
  • Dance and cheer lessons
  • Opportunities to busk and perform at events such as King’s Easter Arts Festival and Carnival Day

Christmas drummers

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