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Performing Arts

Primary School

Music, drama, art and dance performances are some of the major events in the calendar of King's primary school.

Each year, the primary school stages a major public musical production. Student bands, choirs, dance, drama and art come together to thrill an expectant parent and student audience. Our goal in staging these events is to involve as many students as possible using a wide range of artistic media to encourage development of the students' talents.

Each week, a specialist teacher conducts music classes throughout the primary school, to instruct students in the fundamentals of music and to arouse an interest and appreciation of this very important subject.

King's takes great pride in the extra-curricular activities that are offered both during and after school. Students have the opportunity to learn how to play a wide range of instruments, undertake dance tuition and be a part of our award winning Cheerdance teams.

In addition to the annual musical, students have the opportunity to perform at local eisteddfods, chapels and other public venues.

High School

One of the runaway success departments of the College is the performing arts.

Each year there is a major student production that is truly worth marking in your diary as a must-see. Performing art productions are designed to engage as many students and facets of performance as possible. Drama, dance, song, music, light and sound, props, makeup, costumes, PR and advertising, hospitality and refreshments and fund-raising sponsorship all converge to produce a memorable event. As you would expect, the drama, dance and music departments are major contributors to any production. However, activity and support goes beyond to the Industrial Design, Home Economics and other areas of the school.

Students are involved in as many facets of the production as possible. Not only is it a time to develop and showcase talent, it is a wonderful opportunity to work together for a common cause, thereby developing an appreciation of personal traits necessary for teamwork.

On a number of occasions, the plays/musicals are the original work of staff. Productions are carefully selected so that they support the Christian ethos of the College. Students have access to our large and well equipped auditorium to rehearse and stage their productions.

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